We’ve made it very easy for you to contact Dr. Pate, Dr. Arnal, and your medical team at Nurture Pediatrics!


Secure Text through OhMD!


  • This is an easy, HIPAA compliant method for you to send a text message directly to our medical team.
  • Secure Texting through OhMD is a FREE service to our patients!
  • The doctor reviews the text messages as they arrive, 24 hours a day.
  • You will receive a response by text or by phone call.
    • Non-urgent text messages will be returned during normal business hours.
    • Urgent text messages will be returned within 30 minutes or less.
    • If your text message is not returned as quickly as you would like, please call us!
  • If your child has a life-threatening emergency, please call 911 right away!


Getting Started

Set up Secure Texting to Dr. Pate through OhMD today!

  1. Download the pediatrician texting app to your smartphone.
  2. Choose “allow” for OhMD to send you notifications. This is important to receive your messages!
  3. Open the app and scroll down to the Green bar Sign Up!and click that box.
  4. Click on “I am a patient”
  5. In the grey box, enter your mobile phone number and click on Create a Patient Account.”
  6. Click on Search for Provider in the gray box and enter “Pate.” Click on “Pate, Janet.”
  7. Click on Yes, I’m a patient of this provider.”
  8. On the next screen, “What’s your name?” enter your Oldest Child’s first and last name. Check the spelling carefully. Then click “Continue.”
  9. On “Tell Us More,” Enter the gender and DOB for your oldest child. Check the information carefully!
  10. On “Finalize Your Account,” enter your email address (use gmail if available), password and renter password – make it something you will remember and record it somewhere handy.
  11. Enter the verification code that you are texted.
  12. Once we match your child up to our records, you may send secure texts to our office. Click “Okay.”
  13. Click on settings at the top right hand corner. From here, you can add a picture of your child (highly encouraged) and logout.
  14. You will receive a message that you have been approved once your account is matched with your child’s information in our health record. New to our practice? No worries, we will call you to register!


Create accounts for multiple children:

Why is this necessary?

When you text a message through OhMD, the message will be matched directly to your child’s medical chart in our secure electronic health record (Athena Health). It is best for the text conversation to be recorded into the appropriate chart.

  1. Create your oldest child’s account as noted above. (Steps 1-14). Then Log Out.
  2. Now, instead of signing in on your created account, scroll down and click Sign Up!
  3. Follow the same steps as above, except use the next to oldest child’s name.
  4. Use a different email address for each child.
  5. GMAIL accounts: If you use gmail, just add “+1” before “@gmail.com.”Example:Original email address is JaneSmith@gmail.com for the oldest child.Next email address would be  JaneSmith+1@gmail.com for the second child.Third child? Use JaneSmith+2@gmail.com and so forth until you have created accounts for all of your children.
  6. You should use the same password for all of your children’s accounts.

Thank you for registering for secure text messaging with our office!



Happy OhMD Users:

"I recently utilized the "OhMD" texting app. My daughter had an unusual rash on her body, but other than that she felt totally normal. It was so incredibly convenient and easy to text with Dr. Pate via this system. I was able to take pictures of the rash and send them instantly to the doctor. I could also explain how my daughter felt. Dr. Pate responded immediately and communicated with me all in a secure way. This method is something I had dreamed of for years. It's a quick way to diagnose and ease the mind of a concerned mother. Thank you Dr. Pate for introducing this option to your patients!"

A. G. March 13, 2017


Medical Information


"As many of the testimonials our story isn't anything less. With an overwhelming feeling of being new parents we discovered her by chance and what a Blessing it was. Dr. Pate saved our 1st child by properly diagnosing our child at birth. This child is almost 7 and very healthy today. Dr. Pate always listened Continue Reading

C. M.October 17, 2016


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