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Modern medicine with a gentle bedside manner to help your child grow up healthy and strong! Dr. Pate and Dr. Arnal know that your child’s health is precious and your time is valuable. Dr. Pate has created Nurture Pediatrics to meet your child’s health needs from birth to adolescence. * House-call visits may be available for your newborn. Schedule your complimentary prenatal consultation with Dr. Arnal today!


Dr. Janet Pate, MD, FAAP, & Dr. Luisa Arnal, MD, FAAP have practiced pediatric medicine in the Houston area for over 15 years.


Keeping Your Child Healthy from disease and general illness through the practice of modern medicine

Janie Larrondo, Patient Care Manager

Eny Reyes, Nursing Supervisor

Medical Assistant


Contact us by email with your resume if you are a pediatric trained medical assistant interested in joining our team! email:





Raquel Sorto, Medical Assistant


Medical Information


"As many of the testimonials our story isn't anything less. With an overwhelming feeling of being new parents we discovered her by chance and what a Blessing it was. Dr. Pate saved our 1st child by properly diagnosing our child at birth. This child is almost 7 and very healthy today. Dr. Pate always listened Continue Reading

C. M.October 17, 2016


* House-call visits may be available for your newborn. Click below to request a complimentary prenatal consultation with Dr. Arnal.

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