New Year Healthy Habits First Foods

First Foods Class

New Year Healthy Habits

At Nurture Pediatrics, we believe that raising an adventurous eater starts early.  We are introducing our First Foods Class on Saturday, January 27, 4-5 pm. In this hands-on class, we teach baby and toddler food preparation with yummy samples for you and your baby/toddler to try!

Here are 2 suggestions for creating healthy eating habits for your family:

Make it an adventure!

Studies show it can take up to 15 exposures of a new food before children will accept it, so expose children early (4-6 months of age) to the tastes and textures of nutritious foods. Experiment with herbs and spices.  Together, explore flavors from different cultures and cuisines. Research shows that adventuresome eaters have lower rates of obesity and food allergies and are more likely to enjoy cooking.

Make home cooked meals together!

Family meals at home help foster unity, decrease behavioral problems, enhance academic success and decrease risk for obesity. Cooking the meal together takes it one step further to provide a healthy yet memorable experience.  Children who are involved in the process, from buying ingredients to planning and preparation, are more likely to eat the food they cook.

Remember that even small changes can lead to a recipe for success!

-Dr. Tina K. Leung, MD & Dr. Janet Pate, MD

Nurture Pediatrics, 6900 S. Rice Ave, Bellaire, 713-894-2751

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