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Newborn Follow Up Visits in the safety of your home!

Every newborn should have a 2-3 day follow up visit after discharge from the birth hospital. For families within our driving zone, we offer house call visits!

  • Full neonatal exam provided by the doctor and one of our nurses
  • Weight measured with calibrated newborn scale
  • Jaundice checked with transcutaneous bilirubin meter
  • We submit the claim to your insurance just as we do for an office visit.
  • Schedule a complimentary prenatal consult today!
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"As many of the testimonials our story isn't anything less. With an overwhelming feeling of being new parents we discovered her by chance and what a Blessing it was. Dr. Pate saved our 1st child by properly diagnosing our child at birth. This child is almost 7 and very healthy today. Dr. Pate always listened Continue Reading

C. M.October 17, 2016


* House-call visits may be available for your newborn. Click below to request a complimentary prenatal consultation with Dr. Arnal.

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