Covid 19 FAQ

Covid-19 in Children- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) How is Covid-19 spread? Covid-19 is spread from person to person in close …

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Croup in Children

Croup in Children – Jan 2021 Croup is a common term for describing an illness with cough, stridor and hoarse …

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Roseola in Children

  Roseola in Children Roseola has beat social distancing! We are still seeing it just as often as ever. Cause: …

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Adenovirus in Children

Adenovirus: Adenovirus in Children The most common cause of VIRAL Pink Eye in children! Cause: – Adenovirus is a large …

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Home Medical Kit


Home Medical Kit to care for your child at home with a respiratory virus. Fever Reducers – Acetaminophen/Tylenol (infant or …

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COVID-19 Testing

covid-19 testing

Hot Off the Press – COVID-19 Testing   “I’ve been exposed to Covid 19! What should I do?”   First, …

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Update Corona-Virus

CoVID – 19 (SARS-2 Coronavirus) Update June 19, 2020 CoVID 19 continues to show community spread and the rates are …

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New Parent Support Group

New parent support group at nurture pediatrics

Led by Bayou City Breastfeeding, hosted by Nurture Pediatrics Thursdays, 10-11am 6900 S. Rice Ave, Bellaire, TX 77401 Come join …

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Processed Baby Foods Tainted with heavy metals!

Processed baby food tainted with metal…/baby-foods-arsenic-lead-to…/index.html Homemade baby food is best. Come to one of our food introduction classes to learn how to make your …

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Recall Alert

Fisher Price

Recall Alert: Stop Using Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play Sleeper Immediately


Medical Information


"As many of the testimonials our story isn't anything less. With an overwhelming feeling of being new parents we discovered her by chance and what a Blessing it was. Dr. Pate saved our 1st child by properly diagnosing our child at birth. This child is almost 7 and very healthy today. Dr. Pate always listened Continue Reading

C. M.October 17, 2016


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