Update Corona-Virus

CoVID – 19 (SARS-2 Coronavirus) Update
June 19, 2020

CoVID 19 continues to show community spread and the rates are increasing!

Please continue to avoid large gatherings, wear masks when indoors with other people than your immediate
family, practice social distancing and excellent hand washing.

Steps to Ensure Your Child’s Safety at Our Office:
1. All parents and children 4 years and older must wear a mask when entering the office. *

2. The soles of all shoes will be sprayed with decontamination alcohol before entering the office. *

3. Everyone must continue to sanitize hands upon entry and exit of the office.

4. Please bring only the patient being checked. It is best to leave siblings at home.

5. Please arrive at your scheduled time – not early, not late. No walk-ins. Text upon arrival.

6. Mornings are reserved for well checks only. Latest well check of the day is 2:30pm most days.

7. Late afternoons are reserved for sick children.

8. Children with fever, cough, or congestion will be evaluated outside the office (weather permitting).

9. Do not bring any snacks to eat or drink inside the office. Bottles for babies are allowed.

10. No one is allowed to linger in the lobby. To reduce check-out exposures, we are requesting that you schedule follow-
up visits inside the exam room and keep a credit card on file.**

We appreciate your assistance in making your visits to our office as safe and healthy as possible!

– Your team at Nurture Pediatrics!

* Supplies of masks and decontamination alcohol are limited. If you do not have a mask to wear, we will provide a mask
upon arrival as supplies remain available.

** For patients with outstanding balances, you will receive a phone call from Janie within our office to review your payment
options. This is not a scam call. It is to prevent visits into the office to make payments.

If you have questions about your insurance covering costs related to a bill that involved Covid 19 testing, please call your
insurance carrier at the Member Services number on your ID card. We only bill our insured patients for services
performed at our office based upon the amount the insurance carrier assigns to patient responsibility on the EOB.

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