Urgent Update Corona-Virus

Respiratory Virus Precautions – Urgent Updates

Flu Virus is a real threat, right now!
– 105 pediatric deaths from flu so far makes this the highest pediatric flu death season since 2009.
– Flu infection rates in Houston are still rising rapidly.
– If you have not received your flu shot, please contact us by OhMD today.
– We will have Flu clinic this Friday Feb 28 from 8:00am – 11:30am to provide flu shots.
– You can drive up to receive your flu shot. Please wear short sleeves for arm shots or shorts/skirt that
can be lifted for upper thigh shots. Young children should remain in their booster/car seats.
– You are welcome to drive up, even if you do not have an appt for flu shot this Friday.
– If you catch the flu, you will be more prone to catching other secondary infections.
– Get protected. Do not delay!
Novel Coronavirus 2019 (CoVID 19 or SARS-CoV-2) is a serious anticipated threat.
– The best protection is to wash hands for 20 seconds with antimicrobial soap and warm water or use
alcohol-based hand sanitizer often.
– If you are coughing or sneezing, please wear a mask to avoid infecting others.
– Droplets from sneezing and coughing can spread to others within a 6-foot range.
– Avoid touching your face, mouth or eating without having immediately sterilized your hands.

Find out the latest information through the CDC website:


Nurture Pediatrics Office Procedures for sick children- Effective Immediately:
1. Notify us by OhMD text if your child is sick to request an appointment AFTER 8am.
2. Measure your child’s temperature at home before contacting us. We need to know the highest
temperature reached at home before we can schedule the appointment.
3. Inform us if you or a family member has traveled outside the country within 14 days.
4. If your child has cough along with fever (101 or higher) and history of recent travel outside the USA
or contact with someone who has traveled outside the USA, REMAIN in your car and notify us upon
arrival by OhMD.
5. NO walk-ins right now. We must observe CDC precautions to avoid anyone waiting in our lobby.
6. If you walk in without an appointment, we will kindly, but firmly request that you return to your car
and text us by OhMD to determine the nature of your child’s symptoms and the best course of action.
7. Weather permitting, we may elect to examine your child outside.
8. The CDC has cautioned that nasal swabs for virus detection should be done outside if possible or in a
quarantine room.
9. Set up and use your OhMD account. CDC has advised communication outside the office prior to ANY
sick visit appointments and secure text is the MOST efficient way for us to care for ALL of our patients.
Respect the doctors’ need for rest, family time and preparation for workday from 6pm – 8am. Do NOT
send questions during the night or before 8am, if the question does not require a doctor’s immediate
medical advice before 8am. Save schedule requests until 8am or later.
10. Finally, sleep, take your Vitamin C (250mg for young children) and remember that we are going to be
there alongside you when your child is ill. It takes teamwork 