New Guidelines on When to Call or Text the Doctor

When your child is ill, it can be scary, but we are here to help you!

We have several ways you can contact us:

OhMD Secure Text

  • Real time texting with the Nurture Pediatrics doctors for our established patients.
  • Urgent medical concerns receive a response within 15 minutes.
  • Protect 8pm-8am. Doctors need sleep and family time, too!
  • If your medical concern does not need a response before 8am, do not send it at night. Wait until 8am.
  • Patients who make a habit of sending non-urgent messages at night (8pm-8am) will lose texting privileges.

Patient Portal

  • Free email type communication for non-urgent needs, anytime.
  • You will receive a response by the next business day, if not the same day.
  • On-line scheduling (use your computer rather than your phone for scheduling same day visits).
  • View and print Lab results, vaccine records, patient care summaries.
  • On-line bill payment options available.

Phone Calls (713) 894-2751


  • Option 1 – Hospitals, Pharmacy and Medical Provider Line

This line is only for pharmacies, hospitals and consulting doctors.

  • Option 2 – General Office Questions, Scheduling, Billing

Our staff is available to help you register a new patient, schedule appointments, answer general office questions and billing questions M-F 8:30am -5pm, 9-11am during school year

  • Option 3 – Medical Questions for ESTABLISHED patients
  • During office hours (M-F 8am-5pm, 9-11am during school year), send an OhMD text message instead of calling.
  • After Hours (after 5pm and before 8 am), send an OhMD text for urgent messages and for non-urgent needs send a patient portal message.
  • Protect 8pm-8am by sending only truly urgent OhMD text messages at night. The messages are delivered to the doctor real time. If it does not need a response before 8am, send the message by the patient portal or wait to text until after 8am.

Call for Medical Emergencies:

  • Life threatening emergencies (unconscious, not breathing)– call 911 immediately!
  • Poisonings – call Poison Control first: 1-800-222-1222 Then send OhMD text.
  • Fever 100.4 in a baby less than 1 month old is an emergency, please call us.
  • Urgent, but not emergency => send a text message instead of calling.
  • Non-urgent => during office hours, send a text message; after hours, send a patient portal message.
  • Medical consults by phone are available for a $35 consult fee that is not billed to insurance. This fee is waived for true medical emergencies at the discretion of the doctor.



Medical Information


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