Vaccines & Immunizations. 

We recommend the CDC Routine Childhood Vaccination Schedule for our patients:


  • Vaccines are important to prevent illnesses that can be deadly not only to your child but to other children and adults in the community as well!
  • The benefits of vaccination for your child are much greater than the risks!
  • The most common side effects of vaccines (about 1 in 4 children) are sore muscles, mild swelling and redness, mild fever and headache. These side effects can be cared for with cool compresses and when needed some acetaminophen or ibuprofen.
  • It is safe to give your child vaccines in the combinations recommended by the CDC.
  • Some parents prefer to give vaccines separately. We do not recommend this method as it spreads out the vaccine experience for the child unnecessarily long and may lead to increased anxiety for your child. It also creates a calculated risk that your child might develop a serious illness that can be prevented by vaccines given on schedule. We do require a minimum of certain vaccines to be given on time to be a patient in our practice (see marked vaccines below).
  • Before we administer any vaccines to your child, we review with you each vaccine that is recommended along with the illness it prevents, the side effects expected and how to care for your child following vaccines. We welcome your questions!
  • We report any adverse reactions to vaccines to VAERS. Parents may also report adverse reactions to VAERS:
  • We use only preservative free (thimerosal free) vaccines in our office.
  • Just to be very clear, our office does not make a profit from vaccines. In fact, insurance companies sometimes reimburse us less than what it costs us to purchase the vaccines. Even though vaccines are costly for our office to maintain, we carry vaccines because it is important for your child and our community as a whole.
  • Some parents prefer a specific brand of vaccine. Our vaccine inventory with brand name and manufacturer is listed below for your reference. In-stock vaccines may vary due to supply.


Vaccine Brand Name Manufacturer Brand Name Manufacturer
* PCV 13
(Pneumococcus 13)
Prevnar 13 Pfizer
* Rotavirus Rotateq Merck
* DTaP
(Diphtheria, Tetanus, Acellular Pertussis)
Daptacel Sanofi
* Hib
(Haemophilis Infl. Type B)
ActHib Sanofi
* IPV (Inactivated Polio Virus) Ipol Sanofi
(Measles, Mumps, Rubella)
- More Info
MMR II Merck
* Hepatitis A Vaqta Merck
Varicella (Chickenpox) Varivax Merck
MMRV (Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Varicella) Proquad Merck
* Hepatitis B Recombivax Merck Engerix GSK
* MCV 4 (Meningococcus) Menactra Sanofi
* Tdap (11yr and above) Adacel Sanofi
HPV 9 (Human Papilloma Virus 9 serotypes) Gardasil Merck
DTap-HepB-IPV Pediarix GSK
DT (Diphtheria, Tetanus) DT Sanofi
(adult tetanus booster)
Tenivac Sanofi
Typhoid (IM) Typhin Vi Sanofi
DTap-IPV Kinrix GSK
Meningococcus Group B Trumenba Pfizer
Influenza - Infant Quadrivalent (6-35 months) Fluzone Sanofi
Influenza – Child Quadrivalent (3yr- adult) Fluzone Sanofi


Vaccines marked with * are required on time to be a patient in our practice.

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