We are glad to introduce Telemedicine for your child’s care at Nurture Pediatrics!

Telemedicine is a 2-way video chat between the doctor and the patient/parent in lieu of an office visit.

How do I request a telemedicine visit? Send us a text on OhMD during business hours M-F 8am – 5pm.

What types of illnesses can be assessed by telemedicine?

  • Behavior or mental health concerns (sleep, ADHD, depression, behavior problems)
  • Management of a chronic or recurrent medical condition (eczema, asthma, allergies, ear tube drainage, reflux, recurrent pinworms, recurrent lice infections, recurrent skin infections)
  • Follow-up of a recently evaluated medical condition that has changed or worsened

Who can receive telemedicine visits at Nurture Pediatrics?

  • Established patients who have already been seen in our office for the relevant problem within the past 12 months.
  • Established patients who have reviewed and signed our privacy policy
  • Established patients with a mental health/behavior concern.

What does telemedicine cost?

  • Plans with copays- your copay as shown on your current and valid insurance card
  • Plans with co-insurance- you pay the % that is designated by your particular plan*
  • Plans with deductibles – you pay the rate determined by your particular plan* until you reach your deductible, then the rate may change or be zero.

CPT codes generally used are determined by the amount of time spent in direct care, which means the time on the video session and generally 5-10 minutes more to coordinate care (send prescriptions, referrals, etc) and by the complexity of the medical problem.

99212 – problem focused, < 8 minutes in total care
99213 – expanded low, on average 15 minutes
99214 – detailed moderate, on average 25 minutes

*Members can call the member services phone number on their ID card to inquire about the specific reimbursement rate for telemedicine services by providing the CPT codes listed above.

What things are NOT eligible for telemedicine video chats? Text us on OhMD secure text instead!

  • New fevers, rashes or acute care that has not been evaluated recently.
  • New respiratory problems in a previously well child.
  • Pink eye in a child who has not been diagnosed with pink eye before.



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* House-call visits may be available for your newborn. Click below to request a complimentary prenatal consultation with Dr. Arnal.

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