C. M.

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October 17, 2016

“As many of the testimonials our story isn’t anything less. With an overwhelming feeling of being new parents we discovered her by chance and what a Blessing it was. Dr. Pate saved our 1st child by properly diagnosing our child at birth. This child is almost 7 and very healthy today. Dr. Pate always listened carefully, on point with care needed & put all worries aside. One of the wonderful things we appreciated was her kind, gentle, bedside & natural approach before proceeding to man made medicine. We were terribly sad her leaving the practice yet very supportive knowing why; Dr. Pate is one of those rare Doctors still existing today; She is the very definition of an excellent physician. Our family & two children, that Dr. Pate cared for, are incredibly lucky & privileged to have experienced such quality care. Little does Dr. Pate know, she has inspired a career direction. We absolutely would refer anyone to her.”

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