The Measles Questions

Measles Questions

1. Should we give the MMR vaccine early to our baby?
2. Should my child get the MMR booster early, before the 4 year birthday?

These 2 questions are hot topics this week.

1. For Babies 6-11 months of age:

– if you are traveling internationally, please do come for a pre-travel visit to assess all the travel medical needs for your child including early MMR vaccine.

– if you are not traveling overseas, the CDC and our local health dept. have not declared Harris Country a measles epidemic area and have not recommended routine early MMR vaccine (< 12 months of age).

– Babies who receive MMR vaccine early still need to complete 2 doses after the first birthday.

2. For children 1-4 years of age:

– Take the first dose of MMR as soon as possible after the first birthday. If your child did not receive the first dose at the 1 year well-check, please contact the doctor’s office as soon as possible to obtain that first dose.

– The second dose of MMR is usually given at 4 years old, but it can be safely given as early as one month following the first dose and replaces the 4 year old booster. If you would like to have the second dose of MMR given before the 4 year old birthday, contact your doctor’s office.

Measles symptoms:
The illness starts with a cough, runny nose, and watery eyes along with high fever and body aches.
A mouth rash follows consisting of white spots on a red surface inside the mouth (Koplik spots).
A body rash develops with raised red spots that begin on the head and face and march down the body.

If your child has high fever and rash, please contact your provider prior to showing up in the medical office.

Pictures courtesy of the CDC: 


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